Bert Bier

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A detailed immunohistochemical study has been carried out on 63 breast lesions with epitheliosis, ductal carcinoma in situ and clinging carcinoma (lobular cancerization), using antibodies directed(More)
The distribution of simple epithelial (K8/18/19) and basal (myoepithelial) (K5/14) keratins, alpha-smooth-muscle actin, vimentin, collagen IV and laminin in normal mammary glands and in benign(More)
Argyrophilic nucleolar organizer region associated proteins (AgNORs) are known to reflect cellular and nucleolar activity. Due to a novel staining procedure, which substantially improves(More)
This study describes the effect of wet autoclave pretreatment of routinely formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissues on silver-stained nucleolar organizer-region-associated proteins (AgNORs)(More)