Bert A. G. Toxopeus

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Movement ecology is a field which places movement as a basis for understanding animal behavior. To realize this concept, ecologists rely on data collection technologies providing spatio-temporal data in order to analyze movement. Recently, wireless sensor networks have offered new opportunities for data collection from remote places through multi-hop(More)
Ubiquity of portable location-aware devices and popularity of online location-based services, have recently given rise to the collection of datasets with high spatial and temporal resolution. The subject of analyzing such data has consequently gained popularity due to numerous opportunities enabled by understanding objects' (people and animals, among(More)
  • Babak Naimi, A Dr Tom, Veldkamp, Dr Alfred Stein, M Peter, Atkinson +18 others
  • 2015
Acknowledgements The time for conducting t this PhD research at ITC has been inspiring and enjoyable. This dissertation could not have been finished without the support of family members, friends, colleagues all of whom I made deeply grateful to. First and foremost, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to my supervisors, Prof. I'll never forget(More)
Keywords: Cluster analysis Hotspot mapping Prediction accuracy Tsavo ecosystem Kenya a b s t r a c t Spatial and spatiotemporal cluster methods are used for a wide range of applications including the study of criminal activities, but have never been compared for studying a specific form of crime, i.e. wildlife poaching. We aimed to identify elephant(More)
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