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New data are presented on charged particle pseudorapidity distributions for inelastic events produced at c.m. energies ]//s=200 and 900 GeV. The data were obtained at the CERN antiproton-proton Collider operated in a new pulsed mode. The rise of the central density p(0) at energies up to ]fs = 900 GeV has been studied. A new form of central region scaling(More)
Gaia is an ESA cornerstone mission, which was successfully launched December 2013 and commenced operations in July 2014. Within the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis consortium, Coordination Unit 7 (CU7) is responsible for the variability analysis of over a billion celestial sources and nearly 4 billion associated time series (photometric,(More)
Tens of millions of new variable objects are expected to be identified in over a billion time series from the Gaia mission. Crossmatching known variable sources with those from Gaia is crucial to incorporate current knowledge, understand how these objects appear in the Gaia data, train supervised classifiers to recognise known classes, and validate the(More)
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