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Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS) associated with Müllerian remnant is rare during childhood. The Müllerian system usually regresses because of the presence of the anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) originating from the Sertoli cells of the gonads. Rarely, residual Müllerian structures may exist. We present two cases from the same family, raised as(More)
Congenital cranial teratomas are a well-recognized but infrequent entity and are usually characterized by complete loss of the normal intracranial architecture. They contain tissues from all three germ layers. This review presents the clinical features, diagnostic methods and management of cranial teratomas based on our experience and the literature.(More)
In this study we aimed to evaluate the usability of calretinin staining in the diagnosis and exclusion of HD in 36 rectal biopsies. Through immunohistochemical examination, in of a total of 21 pediatric patients in whom ganglion cells were detected in first rectal biopsies and in re-biopsies, ganglion cells were seen through nuclear and cytoplasmic(More)
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