Bernt A. Bremdal

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Each year about a third of elderly aged 65 or older experience a fall. Many of these falls may have been avoided if fall risk assessment and prevention tools where available in a daily living situation. We identify what kind of information is relevant for doing fall risk assessment and prevention using wearable sensors in a daily living environment by(More)
The improved performance of computer-based text analysis represents a major step forward for knowledge management. Reliable text interpretation allows focus to be placed upon the content of documents, rather than just the document wrapping, and this helps to emphasise the fundamental difference between knowledge management and document management. It is not(More)
ing and Summarising: DRE can summarise documents and augment them with hyperlinks that point to related texts. Visualisation: A graphical interface is available that allows a unified view on different types of 18 Cf. Chomsky (1966) and Chomsky (1968). IST Project IST-1999-10132 On-To-Knowledge On-To-Knowledge: Content-driven Knowledge management Tools(More)
The basic aim of IMpROSUME was to define and study the role of prosumers in the future power market. Energy prosumers are not only consumers that also produce energy, but also sellers of energy and therefore active participants in the market. If a producer merely consumed what he produced he would only influence the demand side of the market. Obviously(More)
In this chapter, the authors argue that “Knowledge Markets” might be used as a term to describe how individuals can be engaged in a democratic process where their competence, background, and personal information resources are mobilized in full in a broad and non-biased process. The contribution of each individual is aggregated and averaged in a way the(More)