Bernhard Zwissler

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Inhalation of nitric oxide (NO) and prostacyclin (PGI2) may induce selective pulmonary vasodilation and-by improving ventilation-perfusion ratio in ventilated areas of the lung-increase Pao2 in patients with acute lung injury. To assess the therapeutic efficacy of both compounds, dose-response curves were established in patients with adult respiratory(More)
OBJECTIVE Venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation is an established treatment option in patients with cardiogenic shock. This report reviews our 3-year experience with this support system with respect to early and midterm outcome, as well as predictors of survival. METHODS From January 2003 until November 2006, 45 (0.8%) of 5750 patients(More)
BACKGROUND When giving anticoagulants and inhibitors of platelet aggregation either prophylactically or therapeutically, physicians face the challenge of protecting patients from thromboembolic events without inducing harmful bleeding. Especially in the perioperative period, the use of these drugs requires a carefully balanced evaluation of their risks and(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic surgery usually requires the use of a pneumoperitoneum by insufflating gas in the peritoneal space. The gas most commonly used for insufflation is carbon dioxide. Increased intra-abdominal pressure causes cephalad displacement of the diaphragm resulting in compressed lung areas, which leads to formation of atelectasis, especially(More)
Der Erfolg von Teamarbeit in der Notfall- und Akutmedizin, damit die Patientensicherheit, hängen neben fachlichem Können und Wissen ganz entscheidend von der effektiven und zielführenden Kooperation und Kommunikation der einzelnen Teammitglieder ab. In der (akut-)medizinischen Ausbildung dominiert nach wie vor die Vermittlung der medizinisch-fachlichen(More)
We aimed at comparing the effects of intravenous (i.v.) and inhaled (inh.) levosimendan (LEVO) on survival, inflammatory cytokines and the apoptotic mediator caspase-3 in a rat model of severe sepsis induced by cecal ligation and incision (CLI). Twenty-eight anesthetized/ventilated male Sprague–Dawley rats (body weight 528 ± 20 g) underwent laparotomy.(More)
BACKGROUND The Bonfils intubation fibrescope (BIF), a rigid, straight and reusable fibreoptic device, is being used increasingly to facilitate endotracheal intubation after direct laryngoscopy has failed. We tested the hypothesis that, with the BIF compared to direct laryngoscopy, the rate of failed endotracheal intubation could be reduced in patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies suggest that volatile anaesthetics have anti-inflammatory and preconditioning properties and that beta-adrenoceptors are involved in the signalling pathways for these effects. Concurrently, the blockade of beta-adrenoceptors has been shown to augment the release of inflammatory mediators in response to pro-inflammatory stimuli. We(More)
BACKGROUND Volatile anesthetics and hypothermia attenuate the inflammatory response. We aimed to compare the anti-inflammatory effects of sevoflurane and mild hypothermia during experimental endotoxemia in the rat. METHODS Anesthetized, ventilated Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were randomly treated as follows (n = 6 per group): lipopolysaccharide (LPS) only,(More)