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The coexistence of IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) and IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) in shared radio spectrum is an acute problem. In license-exempt frequency bands, the frame-based medium access of 802.16 requires rigorous protection against interference from wireless local area networks in order to operate properly when sharing spectrum. We focus here on the unlicensed U-NII(More)
Coordinating priorities in wireless medium access is difficult when radio networks operate with contention-based medium access. Contention-based medium access protocols such as listen-before-talk are widely employed today, and for example used in the popular IEEE 802.11 protocol. Contention-based protocols are used for wireless communication in unreliable(More)
— The future cellular radio networks like 3G-LTE [1] are based on an OFDMA physical layer. The duplex scheme is preferably frequency division (FDD) because of its advantages in long range. Huge area coverage in a cost-efficient way is important problem for the early deployment. Time after time the demand in densely populated areas will grow, so a higher(More)
Wireless mesh technology is receiving growing attention. Multi-hop operation can be implemented in high quality multi-media communication systems to achieve cost efficiency. However, hidden and exposed stations which commonly appear in mesh environments might remarkably deteriorate the network performance. Moreover, QoS requirements especially the delay(More)