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Vertebroplasty-percutaneous cement augmentation of osteoporotic vertebrae is an efficient procedure for the treatment of painful vertebral fractures. From a prospectively monitored series of 70 patients with 193 augmented vertebrae for osteoporotic and metastatic lesions, we analysed a group of 17 patients suffering from back pain due to osteoporotic(More)
This paper discusses a multidimensional probabilistic semantic map of lexical motion verb stems based on data collected from parallel texts (viz. translations of the Gospel according to Mark) for 100 languages from all continents. The crosslinguistic diversity of lexical semantics in motion verbs is illustrated in detail for the domain of 'go', 'come', and(More)
Short segment pedicle instrumentation for thoracolumbar burst fracture is known to fail due to lack of anterior support. Additional transpedicular grafting and dorsolateral fusion were offered to prevent its failure. The purpose of this study was to analyse the clinical and radiological outcome in two identical groups of patients treated with short segment(More)
This paper presents a novel Visual Analytics approach that helps linguistic researchers to explore the world's languages with respect to several important tasks: (1) The comparison of manually and automatically extracted language features across languages and within the context of language genealogy, (2) the exploration of interrelations among several of(More)
We report a case of leakage of irrigation fluid into the extra-articular soft tissue, due to rupture of a Baker's cyst during arthroscopy of the knee joint. A four-quadrant fasciotomy of the calf musculature was performed to prevent the devasting ischemic complications of an imminent compartment syndrome. A survey of the literature reveals no consensus(More)
Osteoporosis plays an increasing medical, social, and economic role in our society. Vertebral body fractures are the most common fractures, along with fractures around the hip joint, and fractures of the distal radius due to osteoporosis. An osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture can lead to incapacitating back pain and immobility and often requires(More)
This paper proposes a set of principles and methodologies for the crosslinguistic investigation of grammatical complexity and applies them to the in-depth study of one grammatical domain, gender. The complexity of gender is modeled on the basis of crosslinguistically documented properties of gender systems and by taking into consideration interactions(More)