Bernhard Vockner

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We present the application of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) in combination with recommender systems, in order to enhance discovery in geoportals. As a basis for discovery, metadata of spatial data and services, as well as of non-spatial resources, such as documents and scientific papers, is created and registered in the catalogue of the geoportal(More)
In many cases web search engines like Google are still used for discovery of geographic base information. This can be explained by the fact that existing approaches for Geo-information retrieval still face significant challenges. Discovery in currently available Geoportals is usually restricted to text-based search based on keywords, title and abstract as(More)
Wie die Erfahrung in Europa zeigt, bestehen trotz umfangreicher Definitionen zahlreiche Auffassungsunterschiede und Interpretationsvarianten bei der Verwendung der ca. 400 Metadatenelemente, die in der ON/EN/ISO 19115 definiert sind. Mit dem Metadatenprofil ‚profil.AT 3.0‘ stellt der Österreichische Dachverband für Geoinformation (AGEO) eine nun(More)
Geoportals are established to function as main gateways to find, evaluate, and start “using” geographic information. Still, current geoportal implementations face problems in optimizing the discovery process due to semantic heterogeneity issues, which leads to low recall and low precision in performing text-based searches. Therefore, we propose an enhanced(More)