Bernhard Sieland

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OBJECTIVE This randomized controlled trial evaluated the efficacy of an Internet-based intervention, which aimed to improve recovery from work-related strain in teachers with sleeping problems and work-related rumination. In addition, mechanisms of change were also investigated. METHODS A sample of 128 teachers with elevated symptoms of insomnia (Insomnia(More)
BACKGROUND High relapse rates following acute treatment for common mental health disorders support the importance of developing maintenance phase interventions. Internet-based interventions have been effective for a broad range of mental disorders, but less is known about their potential to enhance long-term outcomes of traditional face-to-face therapy.(More)
BACKGROUND High relapse rates following treatment for mental health disorders are a challenge for psychosomatic rehabilitation treatments. The goal of the present study is to evaluate the feasibility, acceptance and process-quality of a 12-week transdiagnostic Internet-based maintenance treatment (W-RENA) following psychosomatic rehabilitation treatment.(More)
BACKGROUND Insomnia and work-related stress often co-occur. Both are associated with personal distress and diminished general functioning, as well as substantial socio-economic costs due to, for example, reduced productivity at the work place and absenteeism. Insomnia complaints by people experiencing work-related stress are correlated with a deficient(More)
„Occupational eMental Health“ umfasst eine Vielzahl von Interventionen, die die Möglichkeiten der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie zur Förderung der psychischen Gesundheit von Berufstätigen nutzen. Ausgehend von zahlreichen Studien im Bereich der Psychotherapie werden Internetinterventionen zunehmend für chronisch gestresste Berufstätige(More)
OBJECTIVES Many teachers report high levels of job-related stress. Successful outcomes in stress-management trainings depend on participants actively engaging in skill-building exercises. However, despite good intentions to engage in such exercises on a regular basis, many participants ultimately fail to do so. The present study seeks to understand whether(More)
Recent publications in their majority are showing increasing criticism of current counseling concepts, esp. concerning their practical relevance. Therefore a critical revision of counseling models is demanded, with the following essential postulates: more field-oriented, more individual-centered and more evaluative. The model of counseling presented here(More)
Epidemiological findings indicate that up to 18.5 % of the German adolescents suffer from depressive symptoms and that younger adults display the highest risk for relevant symptoms of depression (9.9 %) within the German adult population. Internet-based interventions have been shown to be useful for preventing and treating depression and are more easily(More)
The goal of this project is the development, implementation and evaluation of a concept designed for sustainable health promotion among occupational and trade school teachers. We assume that for sustainable health promotion -- along with a behavioral prevention program -- a change is necessary in the structure, as well as, the working and communication(More)
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