Bernhard Schwartz

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Antecedent-contained deletion poses a problem for theories of ellipsis, a problem that, according to much literature, is solved by Quantifier Raising. The solution, however, conflicts with the copy theory of movement. This article resolves this new conflict with the aid of a theory of extraposition and covert movement proposed by Fox and Nissenbaum (1999),(More)
A typical office worker nowadays spends the majority of his time sedentary in the course of his working life. In this paper, we address the problem of sedentariness in the context of office work through smooth integration of light physical activity into the daily work routine. Equipping a flexible office chair with motion sensing functionality, the chair(More)
Measurements of the temperature of the various parts of the rabbit eye under both local and general Nembutal anesthesia were made ivith the thermistor as the temperature-measuring device at a room temperature of 22 to 24° C, and a relative humidity of 33 to 53 per cent. The equipment and its calibration are described in detail. The existence of a(More)
Laser scanning tomography (LST) and computed stereophotogrammetry (CSP) are sophisticated diagnostic tools for the three-dimensional analysis of optic nerve head topography. The two methods are based on different physical principles. To compare the information about the shape of the cup of an optic nerve head obtained by LST and CSP, we evaluated the volume(More)
During everyday office work we are used to controlling our computers with keyboard and mouse, while the majority of our body remains unchallenged and the physical workspace around us stays largely unattended. Addressing this untapped potential, we explore the concept of turning a flexible office chair into a ubiquitous input device. To facilitate daily(More)
FT-IR spectroscopy has traditionally been used to determine the degree of conversion of dental resins. FT-Raman scattering provided an alternate method of obtaining degrees of conversion for these systems and was particularly useful for measuring spectra of materials without any sample preparation. Raman and FT-Raman spectroscopy gave identical results, but(More)
Nowadays sedentary behaviors such as prolonged sitting have become a predominant element of our lives. Particularly in the office environment , many people spend the majority of their working day seated in front of a computer. In this paper, we investigate the adoption of a physically active work process within an activity-promoting office workspace design(More)
Multi-quantum well light-emitting diodes, consisting of ten alternating GeSn/Ge-layers, were grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Si. The Ge barriers were 10 nm thick, and the GeSn wells were grown with 7% Sn and thicknesses between 6 and 12 nm. The electroluminescence spectra measured at 300 and 80 K yield a broad and intensive luminescence band.(More)
The pH-temperature coefficient of rabbit anterior chamber aqueous humor was determined for the range of 20 to 40° C. For two series of measurements at 3° C. intervals, the average coefficient was fouiul to be-0.00603 pH units per degree centigrade. .he recent determination of the ocular temperature gradient 1 indicated the necessity to define those ocular(More)
BACKGROUND Prolonged sitting is ubiquitous in modern society and linked to several diseases. Height-adjustable desks are being used to decrease worksite based sitting time (ST). Single-desk sit-to-stand workplaces exhibit small ST reduction potential and short-term loss in performance. The aim of this paper is to report the study design and methodology of(More)