Bernhard Schiemann

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The B cell activating factor BAFF (BlyS/TALL-1/zTNF4) is a tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-related ligand that promotes B cell survival and binds to three receptors (BCMA, TACI, and the recently described BAFF-R). Here we report an absolute requirement for BAFF in normal B cell development. Examination of secondary lymphoid organs from BAFF-deficient mice(More)
The system description presents the conception and a pro-totypical implementation of a multi-context system, used for computing and implementing temporal modalities within given data without the use of modal operators. Instead, an external constraint based rule system is used for computing the corresponding temporal relations, making use of the way a(More)
Multi-Agent systems follow a highly abstract programming paradigm. Because of this abstraction level, behaviours of the participants are not always clearly reproducible for humans. In this paper, we present a framework that enables agents to do some introspection and describe themselves. Our approach uses Java annotations and JDI, the Java debugging(More)
I agree that my paper may be available on-line to the conference web site and to the CIDOC web site: Yes ABSTRACT CIDOC's CRM has been introduced as a formal reference ontology with a particular focus on cultural heritage documentation. Meanwhile acknowledged as an ISO standard (21127:2006), one of its main goals is to facilitate interoperability between(More)
Modern distributed systems frequently use autonomous software agents that use ontologies for communication. If each agent owns an ontology as knowledge base and these ontologies change over time, every communication attempt requires merge and revision processes. We discuss visualization possibilities to assist agent developers and researches in(More)
Bedingt durch die Komplexitätszunahme im Anwendungsszenario in der Unterhaltungselektronik steigt sowohl die Schwierigkeit als auch das Bedürfnis, die zunehmende Menge an Informationen und neuen Funktionen dem Benutzer auf ein-fache, komfortable undübersichtliche Weise zugänglich zumachen. Dazuwurde ein Konzept entwickelt, mit dem es m ¨ oglich ist, ein(More)
cil as part of the priority research program no. 1083 " Intelligent Agents in Real-World Business Applications " (see for further details). The following projects and the projects in Section 2.1 are part the aforementioned program: The working groups manufacturing logistics and agent technology of the German priority research(More)