Bernhard Rindlisbacher

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The diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia is often confirmed with standard, albeit complex and expensive, tests. In many cases, however, the diagnosis remains difficult despite the array of sophisticated diagnostic tests. There is no "gold standard" reference test. Hence, a Task Force supported by the European Respiratory Society has developed this(More)
Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is a rare genetic disorder characterised by progressive sino-pulmonary disease, with symptoms starting soon after birth. A European Respiratory Society (ERS) Task Force aims to address disparities in diagnostics across Europe by providing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. We aimed to identify challenges faced by(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE As financial arrangements for vocational training (VT) in general practice/family medicine seemed to differ among European countries, the VT committee of EURACT compiled an overview to permit comparison. METHODS A questionnaire with open and closed questions was e-mailed in March 2006 to representatives of the 34 different countries(More)
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