Bernhard Neumayer

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BACKGROUND Susac's syndrome (SS) is a rare arteriopathy affecting the microvasculature of the brain, retina, and inner ear, resulting in encephalopathy, branch retinal artery occlusion and hearing loss. Anecdotal reports exist on SS being associated with a humoral immune response against endothelial cells. However, no original data has ever been published.(More)
Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (qMRI) offers several advantages in imaging and determination of soft tissue alterations when compared to qualitative imaging techniques. Although applications in brain and muscle tissues are well studied, its suitability to quantify relaxation times of intact and injured bone tissue, especially in children, is widely(More)
For decades, fungi have been the main source for the discovery of novel antimicrobial drugs. Recent sequencing efforts revealed a still high number of so far unknown "cryptic" secondary metabolites. The production of these metabolites is presumably epigenetically silenced under standard laboratory conditions. In this study, we investigated the effect of six(More)
Tapping screws of the Medicon system were checked for their mechanical strength by a time-torque curve and a new measurement system. To simulate a real situation three types of screws were applied. The predrill was 80% of the kernel diameter. The percentage of demolition was significantly higher with longer screws because there was a typical tilting of(More)
The tapping screws of the Medicon Osteosynthese System applied in the jaw and facial area were checked for their mechanical sturdiness. Screwing tests with bones and aluminium were carried out. The minimum fracture moment, the moment transferrable by the screw slot and the required moment for a tight seat of the Osteosynthese plate on the bone surface were(More)
Three years of clinical use and testing provided clear support to the advantages of the self-tapping titanium splithole screws. Although having rather flat heads these screws afford a fast grip with the screw driver blade. In addition to this, the pin offers good axial guidance and adhesion of the screw. The cylindrical design of the screw equator improves(More)
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