Bernhard Mani

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Tocopherol transfer protein (TTP) is a key regulator of vitamin E homeostasis. TTP is presumed to function by transporting the hydrophobic vitamin between cellular compartments, thus facilitating its secretion to the extracellular space. Indeed, recombinant TTP demonstrates marked ability to facilitate tocopherol transfer between lipid bilayers. We report(More)
BACKGROUND B19 virus (B19V) is a human pathogen frequently present in blood specimens. Transmission of the virus occurs mainly via the respiratory route, but it has also been shown to occur through the administration of contaminated plasma-derived products. Parvoviridae are highly resistant to physicochemical treatments; however, B19V is more vulnerable(More)
The uncoating mechanism of parvoviruses is unknown. Their capsid robustness and increasing experimental data would suggest an uncoating mechanism without capsid disassembly. We have developed an in vitro system to detect and quantify viral DNA externalization and applied the assay on two parvoviruses with important differences in capsid structure, human B19(More)
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