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BACKGROUND/AIMS The current standard for gastric emptying studies are radioactive isotope methods. [13C]breath tests have been developed as a nonradioactive alternative. The aim of this study was to validate a [13C]acetate breath test as a measure of gastric emptying of the liquid phase both in liquid and semisolid test meals by simultaneous(More)
We have evaluated the diagnostic value of the fecal elastase test in comparison with the secretin-pancreozymin test in the diagnosis of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Pancreatic elastase was measured immunologically. Immunoreactive elastase activity in spot stools from controls ranged from 136 to 4440 microgram/g; 95% of all values were within 175 to(More)
In patients with AIDS, short-term survival has been related to body weight, body composition, and serum nutritional parameters, but their prognostic impact at earlier stages of the HIV infection is not known. With an individual follow-up period of 1,000 days, we investigated the prognostic relevance of electrical tissue conductivity [resistance R, reactance(More)
A new and versatile method for the identification and quantification of short-chain fatty acids, such as formic, acetic, propionic, butyric, isobutyric, valeric, isovaleric and mercaptoacetic acids, in biological specimens by high-performance liquid chromatography is described. After sample purification by vacuum transfer and concentration by alkaline(More)
BACKGROUND Adequate patient sedation is mandatory for diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). The short-acting anesthetic propofol offers certain potential advantages for endoscopic procedures, but controlled studies proving its superiority over benzodiazepines for ERCP are lacking. METHODS During a 6-month period(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with diabetic gastroparesis, delayed food delivery to the intestine may become a major obstacle to post-prandial glycaemic control. AIM To investigate whether cisapride accelerates gastric emptying in the long term or improves diabetes control in patients with diabetic gastroparesis. METHODS Eighty-five patients with long-standing(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopy with the patient under sedation with propofol requires careful monitoring of patient consciousness and vital signs to achieve the desired hypnotic effect without overdosage. Because level of consciousness is difficult to judge by clinical observation alone, electroencephalogram monitoring has been used to guide general anesthesia. (More)
BACKGROUND While defensins have received great attention for their role in bronchial innate immune defence, little is known about the expression levels of the four human epithelial defensins (HD5, HD6, hBD1 and hBD2) in the digestive tract. In this study we quantified the alpha- and beta-defensins mRNA in biopsies obtained from the gastrointestinal mucosa(More)
Up to now, stable isotope analysis of carbon dioxide in breath samples is carried out with sensitive but very expensive and complex isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS). Aiming at a more widespread application of breath tests in gastroenterological diagnostic routine, we tested a newly developed isotope selective non-dispersive infrared spectrometer(More)