Bernhard Junginger

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A 16×112Gb/s field trial was performed at the Deutsche Telekom fiber infrastructure with partially high PMD. Using 56Gbaud NRZ-DQPSK, no penalty could be observed when co-propagating with a 10.7Gb/s NRZ. Robust Metro DWDM transmission with attractive carrier-grade margins is demonstrated.
This paper reviews the current status in ultra-high speed electronics and optoelectronic components and reports on the recent progress in serial ETDM transmission technologies at channel- bitrates of 85...107 Gbit/s. The challenges associated with 100 Gbit/s ETDM transmission and subsystems implementation are addressed.
A 16 × 112 Gb/s field transmission trial was successfully performed over legacy fiber infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom comprising partially high polarization mode dispersion (PMD) values of 8 ps. Using a commercial PMD compensator, transmission over high PMD with negligible penalty was achieved. Enabled by the maturity of 43 Gb/s components, a 112(More)
We demonstrate NRZ-VSB modulation at 53.5 Gbit/s applying a dual-drive Mach-Zehnder modulator and compare transmission performance of our VSB-modulated signal with VSB-filtered signals applying electronic dispersion compensation at the receiver.
Next-generation optical transport systems are expected to operate at channel data rates of 100Gb/s and beyond. Currently various system concepts and modulation formats for serial 100Gb/s are under consideration running at different symbol rates, e.g., 28 Gbaud, 56 Gbaud, or 112 Gbaud, and offering different trade-offs among modulation speed, spectral(More)