Bernhard Holzinger

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Time-multiplexing is a method to increase the brilliance of diode lasers, i.e. a sequence of laser pulses emitted from different laser diodes at different times is guided onto a common optical path via a cascade of polarizing cube beam splitters and polarization switches. The latter are made of piezo-electric crystals oscillating in resonance and making use(More)
Our work deals with a new approach to improve the beam quality of diode lasers, which is still insufficient for many applications. We propose time-multiplexing, where several pulsed laser diode beams are guided onto a common optical path. This allows to superpose the power of the diodes while maintaining the beam parameter product of a single laser diode.(More)
From theoretical considerations it is well known that pulsed CO 2 lasers with beam peak powers of 50 MW and a pulse length of 20 µs   should be able to launch small satellites. To overcome limitations from ultra high power densities in a single laser source, a new concept proposes a beam source which consists of several individual laser systems. Short(More)
We developed a small and compact system of diode lasers, which can be inserted into the lower tools of a bending press. The parts of the system allow easy plug and play operation and can be installed for any bending length. The diode laser, which is based on 200W laser bars on microchannel cooler, allows the heating of sheet metals in the forming zone(More)
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