Bernhard Haider

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OBJECTIVE To assess the influence of cognitive, functional and behavioral factors, co-morbidities as well as caregiver characteristics on driving cessation in dementia patients. METHODS The study cohort consists of those 240 dementia cases of the ongoing prospective registry on dementia in Austria (PRODEM) who were former or current car-drivers (mean age(More)
Sustained treatment with effective doses of cholinesterase inhibitors or memantine is crucial to transfer treatment effects in dementia. Numerous studies, with often small samples sizes, describe low adherence rates. The purpose of current study was to examine the medical adherence of antidementia therapy in Austria. We analyzed the data of 10 Austrian(More)
INTRODUCTION Traditional risk factors for cardiovascular diseases have been shown to have an even higher impact in the HIV infected population. Cardiovascular risk factors amongst people living with HIV treated in doctor's offices in Austria have not been documented before. Our study aimed to close this gap, focusing on dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus and(More)
Dementia has been associated with disturbed pain processing and an impaired ability to provide self-reported ratings on pain. Patients with cognitive impairment have been shown to receive pain treatment less frequently than cognitively unimpaired individuals. Comorbidity is common in patients with dementia and a major factor contributing to pain. This(More)
BACKGROUND Cluster headache is an extremely severe and debilitating trigemino-autonomic pain syndrome. About 10% of patients with cluster headache manifest a chronic form (CCH).The present case series study aims to evaluate the long-term efficacy of Boswellia serrata (Sallaki H15) on headaches and disturbed sleep in patients with CCH. CASE RESULTS In an(More)
A nine month old male child presented with a swelling protruding from the right nasal cavity for two months. Other symptoms were mild breathlessness during suckling and blood stained nasal discharge. CT Scan sshowed a mass arising from the lasteral wall of the right nasal cavity with mild erosion of the adjacent bones. The tumor was excised with wide margin(More)
BACKGROUND Children with intellectual disability are often managed by community paediatricians and have a high prevalence of mental disorder. We do not know whether community paediatricians feel adequately trained to treat this group although we know that paediatricians contribute significantly to psychotropic prescribing for children. METHODS(More)
Neurological conditions during pregnancy can be pregnancy related or can be caused by exacerbation of pre-existing neurological disorders. Knowledge of pre-existing epilepsy or myasthenia gravis in women of childbearing age requires preconception counselling by neurologist and planned pregnancy. Possible adverse effects of medication on the foetus should be(More)
Background:Data regarding the impact of symptomatic skeletal events (SSEs) on health economics and patient-reported outcomes in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and bone metastases from a clinical setting are lacking. Hence, this study aimed to quantify the effects of SSEs on health-care resource utilization (HRU), health-related quality(More)
This observational study examined the outcome of two different therapeutic strategies in the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain by including pregabalin (PGB) as mono- or add-on therapy in one of two treatment options. Patients with a pain score of ≥4, refractory to usual care for neuropathic pain for at least 6 months, were allocated consecutively to one(More)