Bernhard Gahr

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Community intelligence is often manifested in distinct collective behavior patterns. We investigate on the exemplary use case of paragliding how real-time participatory mobile sensing can be exploited to infer collective behavior patterns and to conclude about community intelligence. In particular, we present a system to simultaneously aggregate flight(More)
Concepts like the internet of things (IOT) and heterogeneous networks would allow large communication node densities. In such scenarios, the communication system performance is usually interference limited. Classical methods for interference management are either inefficient with regards to spectral efficiency or consume much power. However, in such(More)
Despite continuous investment in road and vehicle safety, as well as improvements in technology standards, the total amount of road traffic accidents has been increasing over the last decades. Consequently, identifying ways of effectively reducing the frequency and severity of traffic accidents is of utmost importance. In light of the depicted challenge,(More)
Accident hotspots, locations where accidents are historically concentrated, contribute significantly to road traffic accidents being the leading cause of death by injury. A notable improvement in driver safety can be achieved through warnings of known upcoming hazardous features. However, as installing and maintaining traditional road sign infrastructure(More)
Bankers have a reputation for deviating from standard morals. It is an open question, though, if this claim can be substantiated. Here, it is tested directly if bankers respond differently to moral dilemmas. Evaluations of the moral acceptableness of behavioural options in two trolley cases by bankers (n = 23) are compared to those of ordinary people (n =(More)
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