Bernhard Eggimann

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A system for high-level expression of heparinase I, heparinase II, heparinase III, chondroitinase AC, and chondroitinase B in Flavobacterium heparinum is described. hepA, along with its regulatory region, as well as hepB, hepC, cslA, and cslB, cloned downstream of the hepA regulatory region, was integrated in the chromosome to yield stable transconjugant(More)
Analogs of dynorphin-(1-13) with modifications in the enkephalin segment were compared with correspondingly modified analogs of [Leu5]enkephalin in the guinea pig ileum (GPI) and mouse vas deferens (MVD) assay as well as in mu- and delta-receptor selective binding assays. The obtained results indicate that a) the enkephalin binding domain of the dynorphin(More)
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