Bernhard Döring

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In a joint validation project eight laboratories from the European Cosmetic Industry Association (COLIPA) as well as FRAME (England) and ZEBET (Germany) are trying to develop validated in vitro methods to be incorporated into new international guidelines for acute phototoxicity testing. The first stage of the study involved selection of the most promising(More)
The human three-dimensional in vitro model Skin(2) ZK 1350(TM) [Advanced Tissue Sciences (ATS), La Jolla, USA] was tested for two in vitro toxicology applications, prediction of phototoxicity and classification of skin corrosivity. For phototoxicity testing chemicals were applied topically for 1 or 24 hr followed by 30 min of irradiation with a(More)
From September 1987 to September 1994 61 patients between 29 and 78 years of age received mechanical circulatory support by means of the Biomedicus centrifugal pump. The patients were divided into three groups by indication: Group I included 15 patients with early postcardiotomy cardiogenic shock and 24 patients with late postcardiotomy cardiogenic shock.(More)
TerraSAR-X is a scientific and commercial SAR mission to be launched in June 2007. As it provides highresolution products for a multitude of operation modes and incidence angles, the radiometric and geometric calibration of TerraSAR-X has to ensure the product quality and the correct in-orbit operation of the entire SAR system. This paper describes the(More)
The present definitions of low-output syndrome (LOS) associated with cardiac surgery are based on data obtained via the Swan-Ganz-catheter. However, further important data such as signs of chronic renal insufficiency, arterial vascular disease, and perioperative volume overload have hardly been considered. At the Heart Center NRW, FRG, the(More)
In nowadays complex and dynamic changing military environments supporting Situation Awareness (SA) of operators is a prerequisite for situationand task-adequate decision making and action accomplishment. SA refers to information on three levels which represent relevant elements of the operator environment, element patterns describing complex mission(More)