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We explore the role that the wavelet packet transform can play in increasing multiple access communication throughput via waveform design and receiver design. Wavelet packets offer a flexible framework which allows us to select and refine signature waveforms at intermediate time-frequency levels leading to the development of efficient methods for near(More)
X-ray computed tomography is a powerful medical imaging device. It allows high-resolution 3-D visualization of the human body. However, one drawback is the health risk associated with ionizing radiation. Simply downscaling the radiation intensities over the entire scan results in increased quantum noise. This paper proposes the concept of computer-assisted(More)
waveforms span a signal space, span{sk(t)} C L 2 (I), of dimension N. Choosing an orthonormal basis of span{sk(t)) The joint detection of all users in a multiple access (MA) The joint detection of all users in a multiple access (MA) allows for us to represent each user signature as sk, the N-communication system in which user transmissions are(More)
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