Bernhard Claus

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This study establishes a topographical framework for functional investigations on the regulation of lipid biosynthesis and its interaction with embryo photosynthesis in developing soybean seed. Structural observations, combined with molecular and functional parameters, revealed the gradual transformation of chloroplasts into storage organelles, starting(More)
Mosquito repellent plants are used in the rural areas of Zimbabwe despite the fact that very few of them have been biologically evaluated. Leaves of the plant Lippia javanica, were collected from Mumurwi village, Zimbabwe and evaluated for repellency against laboratory reared Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Major plant compounds were identified using Thin Layer(More)
We explore the role that the wavelet packet transform can play in increasing multiple access communication throughput via waveform design and receiver design. Wavelet packets offer a flexible framework which allows us to select and refine signature waveforms at intermediate time-frequency levels leading to the development of efficient methods for near(More)
The glucose-6-phosphate/phosphate translocator (GPT) acts as an importer of carbon into the plastid. Despite the potential importance of GPT for storage in crop seeds, its regulatory role in biosynthetic pathways that are active during seed development is poorly understood. We have isolated GPT1 from Vicia narbonensis and studied its role in seed(More)
We present a system for classifying the color aspect of textured surfaces having a nearly constant hue (such as wooden boards, textiles, wallpaper, etc.). The system is designed to compensate for small fluctuations (over time) of the light source and for inhomogeneous illumination conditions (shading correction). This is an important feature because even in(More)
EFFECTORS OF TRANSCRIPTION2 (ET) are plant-specific regulatory proteins characterized by the presence of two to five C-terminal DNA- and Zn-binding repeats, and a highly conserved cysteine pattern. We describe the structural characterization of the three member Arabidopsis thaliana ET gene family and reveal some allelic sequence polymorphisms. A mutation(More)