Bernhard Bermeitinger

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In this demo paper, we present a text simplification approach that is directed at improving the performance of state-of-the-art Open Relation Extraction (RE) systems. As syntactically complex sentences often pose a challenge for current Open RE approaches, we have developed a simplification framework that performs a pre-processing step by taking a single(More)
The transformation of aesthetic styles has been at the heart of art history since its inception as a scholarly discipline in the late eighteenth century. Analyzing the single artifact and the carefully curated corpus have been the techniques for crafting hermeneutic understanding for such processes of change. Recently new instruments based on statistical(More)
Te recent trend towards introducing digital instruments in the history of art is glaring at best. Like so many disruptive technologies new techniques in computer vision and natural language processing are about to fundamentally change the way we conduct and even envision our very disciplines. Image classifcation experiments for instance have become a(More)
This short paper outlines research results on object classification in images of Neoclassical furniture. The motivation was to provide an object recognition framework which is able to support the alignment of furniture images with a symbolic level model. A data-driven bottom-up research routine in the Neoclassica research framework is the main use-case. It(More)
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