Bernhard A Mecking

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A direct measurement of the two photon exchange contribution to lepton-proton elastic scattering is proposed. This process is expected to explain the discrepancy observed between two methods of measuring the proton's G E /G M ratio. A definitive test of this assertion is possible via a high precision comparison of e + p and e − p elastic scattering. The(More)
The beam-spin asymmetries in the hard exclusive electroproduction of photons on the proton (e p-->epgamma) were measured over a wide kinematic range and with high statistical accuracy. These asymmetries result from the interference of the Bethe-Heitler process and of deeply virtual Compton scattering. Over the whole kinematic range (x(B) from 0.11 to 0.58,(More)
We have measured the 3He(e,e'pp)n reaction at 2.2 GeV over a wide kinematic range. The kinetic energy distribution for "fast" nucleons (p>250 MeV/c) peaks where two nucleons each have 20% or less, and the third nucleon has most of the transferred energy. These fast pp and pn pairs are back to back with little momentum along the three-momentum transfer,(More)
A search for exotic mesons in the pi;{+}pi;{+}pi;{-} system photoproduced by the charge exchange reaction gammap-->pi;{+}pi;{+}pi;{-}(n) was carried out by the CLAS Collaboration at Jefferson Lab. A tagged-photon beam with energies in the 4.8 to 5.4 GeV range, produced through bremsstrahlung from a 5.744 GeV electron beam, was incident on a liquid-hydrogen(More)
• A ballot and brief biographies of the candidates. The terms of the officers and three members of the present Executive Committee will expire at the close of the regular meeting of the Division to be held in conjunction with the APS general meeting in Washington, D. members of the Executive Committee. A Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, and three members(More)
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