Bernd Zimanowski

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[1] Experimental studies on explosive molten fuel-coolant interaction (MFCI) using basaltic melt compositions and water as the coolant have provided insight into the physical processes of basaltic and andesitic phreatomagmatic volcanism. Abundant field evidence indicates that rhyolitic and dacitic phreatomagmatism occurs in nature, but it has not been(More)
A new combination between Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), mobile robot and satellite technology for Indonesian volcano monitoring system, Mobile Monitoring System for Indonesian Volcano (MONICA) has been developed. This system divided into two modes: fixed-mode and mobile mode. The first mode has shown a good performance. For a small event of volcano(More)
A system based on Wireless Sensor Network, Mobile Robot and satellite technology has been proposed to overcome some problems in Indonesian volcano monitoring system. Fixed-mode of this mobile monitoring system for Indonesian volcano (MONICA) has been defined and shown efficiency both in power consumption and bandwidth utilization. In this research, we(More)
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