Bernd Wachmann

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The BioJournalMonitor is a decision support system for the analysis of trends and topics in the biomedical literature. Its main goal is to identify potential diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers for specific diseases. Several data sources are continuously integrated to provide the user with up-to-date information on current research in this field.(More)
Many different methods exist for pattern detection in gene expression data. In contrast to classical methods, biclustering has the ability to cluster a group of genes together with a group of conditions (replicates, set of patients or drug compounds). However, since the problem is NP-complex, most algorithms use heuristic search functions and therefore(More)
Motivation: In the field of bioinformatics there is an emerging need to integrate all knowledge discovery steps into a standardized modular framework. Indeed, component-based development can significantly enhance reusability and productivity for short timeline projects with a small team. We present Interactive Knowledge Discovery and Data mining(More)
We present two Euler-Lagrangian simulation methods for particles immersed in uids described by the Navier-Stokes equation. These implement the coupling between particle and uid phase by (i) direct integration of the stress ten-sor on the particle surface discretized according to the grid topology and (ii) by a tracer particle method, which employs the(More)
We present a study on how to predict new emerging trends in the biomedical domain based on textual data. We thereby propose a way of anticipating the transformation of arbitrary information into ground truth knowledge by predicting the inclusion of new terms into the MeSH ontology. We also discuss the preparation of a dataset for the evaluation of emerging(More)
Antigenic differences between rabies virus strains used for vaccine manufacture can be demonstrated using monoclonal antibodies. We have shown that these differences are sufficiently large to affect the potency values of vaccines measured in single radial immunodiffusion (SRD) assays if the reference and test vaccines are antigenically heterologous. The(More)
We use a recently developed algorithm to simulate and study the physics of bidis-perse suspensions of rigid spheres. We compute the settling velocity as a function of the ratio a L =a S 1 of the radius of the large a L and small a S particles at a solid volume fraction of = 0:14 and compare our results to predictions of the theory by Batchelor and a(More)
We simulate systems of particles immersed in uid at Reynolds numbers on the particle scale of 0:1 to 20. Our simulation method is based on a nite diierencing multi-grid Navier-Stokes solver for the uid and a molecular dynamics technique for the particle motion. The mis-match between the xed rectangular grid and the spherical particle shape is taken into(More)
From 1962 to 1981, 629 poliovirus strains of human and sewage origin were assayed for genetic markers in the kinetic serum neutralization ( KSN ) and temperature marker (rct) tests. The KSN test proved to be most dependable: 97% of strains tested could be classified as either vaccine-like (VL) or non-vaccine-like ( NVL ). All but two of the 18 virus strains(More)