Bernd W. Wirtz

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Mobile technology has become increasingly common in today’s everyday life. However, mobile payment is surprisingly not among the frequently used mobile services, although technologically advanced solutions exist. Apparently, there is still a lack of acceptance of mobile payment services among consumers. The conceptual model developed and tested in this(More)
Given the increasing importance of eHealth as an integral part of eGovernment, this contribution concentrates on the issue of acceptance regarding the introduction of the German electronic health card (eHC). A brief introduction highlights the relevance of the subject and the differing acceptance rates of patients and service providers, i.e. physicians.(More)
D Analyse betriebswirtschaftlicher Aktivitäten im Internet wird vor dem Hintergrund der hohen Bedeutung für die Volkswirtschaften immer entscheidender. Um eine fundierte Analyse eines Unternehmens in der Internetbranche durchführen zu können, muss das zugrunde liegende Geschäftsmodell mit allen relevanten Teilaspekten erfasst werden. Als Geschäftsmodell(More)
The integration of user into the value generation or innovation process has been established as a success factor in many industries. The internet and especially the recent developments with regard to social media have opened new possibilities for companies and users alike, owing to more direct and user induced participation. This paper introduces a user(More)
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