Bernd Teufel

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High titers of virus-neutralizing antibodies directed against glycoprotein gC of Pseudorabies virus (PRV) (Suid herpesvirus 1) are generally observed in the serum of immunized pigs. A known function of the glycoprotein gC is to mediate attachment of PRV to target cells through distinct viral heparin-binding domains (HBDs). Therefore, it was suggested that(More)
Business strategies of today's companies are influenced by the permanent change of the relevant environment. This change, which has to be handled by the companies, is mainly driven by factors such as increased market dynamics, higher customer requirements, new technologies, broader competition boundaries and new innovative products and processes. This(More)
PURPOSE Inactivation of photolyzed rhodopsin requires phosphorylation of this receptor and binding of the 48 kDa regulatory protein arrestin (S-antigen). Arrestin is also to cause an autoimmune disease, uveoretinits, that resembles uveitis in humans. In this study we demonstrate the presence of visual arrestin in retinal pigment epithelial cells (RPE) in(More)