Bernd Stieger

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Information federations promise an enhanced collaboration between individual stakeholders in the life cycle of commercial products, including software and hardware products from arbitrary business sectors. However, information sharing across corporate borders must be controlled by tailored mechanisms for enforcing individual business confidentiality and(More)
Utilizing mobile applications in the area of industrial field service promises several benefits, especially improved process support providing tailored service information and presenting it in an ad-hoc manner. The suggested approaches up to now are more or less beneficial or can’t be applied in this area at all due to some assumptions that(More)
The semantic integration of heterogeneous information sources across the enterprise together with product information available from the Internet of Things will be so vast, that one of the main challenges will be to provide the right information, at the right time, in the right place, and to the right people. This objective is addressed by the Aletheia - a(More)
Mobile solutions provide the opportunity for seamless integration of mobile field service engineers into theservice processes resulting in new form of interactionbetween them and the dispatcher.In this paper, we describe the results of our study regarding the requirements of utilizing a mobile applicationin the area of industrial field service. After a(More)
Instant availability of up-to-date information is a vital pre-requisite in today's business for decision making and the execution of many job tasks. Especially, in service business, which is to a high degree human-based and knowledge-driven, service job experience and information about the customer as well as the installed equipment are critical success(More)
The ongoing evolution of industrial field service is mainly driven by demographical changes, increasing complexity of products, and tremendous amounts of product information from enterprise information systems as well as from the emerging Internet of Things. To cope with these challenges, a combined approach utilizing semantic and mobile technologies(More)
The area of knowledge management (KM) has been addressed with a considerable amount of research in order to develop concepts and technologies for the retrieval of information and knowledge out of a set of heterogeneous data sources. Especially when we deal with files which contain unstructured information, i.e. documents, it is still a huge challenge to(More)
Utilizing mobile applications in the area of industrial field service promises several benefits, especially improved process support due to a tight integration of mobile workers and tailored information support. In this paper, we describe four mobile service business patterns derived from two industrial case studies. The first case study deals with the(More)
Changing business environments, increasing complexity of industrial products, and an aging workforce are some of the challenges that have to be faced in the industrial field service area. In this paper, we present some application scenarios of bar codes in industrial field service and evaluate the suitability of existing 2D bar code software development(More)