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Between 1974 and 1982 inclusive 18 male patients were treated for breast carcinoma. 12 patients had postoperative radiotherapy whereas 4 were referred for treatment of recurrent or metastatic disease. One patient showed signs of inflammatory breast cancer and was treated with chemo-radiotherapy and one was being followed up in our department after(More)
Higher cardiovascular mortality has been associated in a single epidemiological study with higher levels of barium in drinking water. The purpose of this study was to determine whether drinking water barium at levels found in some U.S. communities alters the known risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Eleven healthy men completed a 10-week dose-response(More)
At the Department of Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgery, University of Vienna, we have from January 1973 to September 1985, subjected 117 patients with inoperable malignant tumours in the maxillo-facial area to intra-arterial chemotherapy consisting of methotrexate and bleomycin. In this group 103 patients have also been given radiotherapy. In this report only 68(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether a 4-week consumption of 1.5L per day of drinking water containing monochloramine at a concentration of 2 ppm (ppm = mg/L) or 15 ppm under controlled conditions would alter parameters of lipid or thyroid metabolism in healthy men. Forty-eight men completed an 8-week protocol during which diet (600 mg(More)
Between January 1970 and December 1978, 149 breast cancer patients with isolated chest wall recurrences developing after initial curative treatment (mastectomy with or without postoperative irradiation) were referred to the University Clinic for Radiotherapy and Radiobiology of Vienna. Following radiotherapy, survival was analysed in 134 patients with(More)
Based on our 14-year experience with breast-preserving treatment of breast cancer, we recommend limited surgical intervention for the removal of a small mammary carcinoma under the proviso that adequate radiotherapy is available and that the patient can be thoroughly followed up. We are convinced that the good cosmetic result and especially the excellent(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-2 (IGFBP-2) is expressed in many malignant tissues, and elevated serum levels can be indicators of tumour activity in addition to conventional tumour markers. Our aim was to evaluate the role of IGFBP-2 levels together with insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I, IGF-II and IGFBP-3 in the diagnostic(More)
Between January 1975 and December 1984, 239 patients after breast conserving surgery were referred to the University Clinic for Radiotherapy and Radiobiology of Vienna. Of these patients 214 were available for analysis with regard to loco-regional control and cosmetic outcome. The breast received supervoltage irradiation from two tangential fields, in 82%(More)
UNLABELLED The results of a prospective study on breast conserving therapy in early stage breast cancer are presented. From January 1983 to June 1987 165 patients were treated by a standardized therapy-protocol. The criteria for entering the trial were stage T1 to T2 and N0 to N1. Surgical breast conservation was achieved by segmental resection in 148 cases(More)
Between January 1973 and April 1982 66 evaluable patients with advanced inoperable orofacial tumours underwent intraarterial Bleomycin and Methotrexate with simultaneous radiotherapy in a prospective study. 32 patients had no previous treatment, 34 patients had initial surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. 15 mg Bleomycin were administered through a(More)