Bernd Souvignier

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The reticular theory of twinning gives the necessary conditions on the lattice level for the formation of twins. The latter are based on the continuation, more or less approximate, of a substructure through the composition surface. The analysis of this structural continuity can be performed in terms of the eigensymmetry of the crystallographic orbits(More)
Staurolite has been long considered an enigma because of its remarkable pseudosymmetry and the frequent twinning. Staurolite gives two twins whose occurrence frequency seems to contradict the condition of lattice restoration requested by the reticular theory of twinning, in that the more frequent one (Saint Andrews cross twin) has a twin index of 12,(More)
— In this paper we present technology used in spoken dialog systems for applications of a wide range. They include tasks from the travel domain and automatic switchboards as well as large scale directory assistance. The overall goal in developing spoken dialog systems is to allow for a natural and flexible dialog flow similar to human–human interaction.(More)