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In this paper we investigate the impact of bake plate temperature variability throughout the entire bake trajectory on resulting critical dimension. For a poorly-controlled bake plate, it is found that the correlation between the temperature profile and CD distribution is high throughout the entire bake cycle, including the steady state sector. However, for(More)
We present a new concept for online multiobjective optimization which has been applied to a real–world application, that is the optimization of the assignment of an operating point to a doubly fed linear motor. This problem leads to a time–dependent multiobjective optimization problem. In contrast to classical optimization where the aim is to find the(More)
Self-optimizing mechatronic systems have the ability to adjust their goals and behavior according to changes of the environment or system by means of complex real-time coordination and reconfig-uration in the underlying software and hardware. In this paper we sketch a generic software architecture for mechatronic systems with self-optimization and outline(More)
A delta-sigma modulator converts an analog input signal into a high-frequency stream of single bits with out-off band noise. A high-resolution signal is extracted from the bit-stream with an appropriate low pass filter. The paper emphasizes on the utilization of SincK-filters as low pass filter and proposes a sampling method that is synchronized with the(More)
The effect of heating rate on the formation and decomposition of austenite was investigated on cold-rolled low carbon steel. Experiments were performed at two heating rates, 150 • C/s and 1500 • C/s, respectively. The microstructures were characterized by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD). Experimental(More)
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