Bernd Roehrig

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OBJECTIVE The primary goal of this study was to examine the need for psychosocial support in a consecutive sample of cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy (RT). Out of an initial sample of 250 patients, 239 patients could be assessed at the beginning of their RT. Two hundred eight patients were reassessed at the end of RT 4-8 weeks later. METHODS(More)
OBJECT This 25-year follow-up study was performed on 120 children with hypertensive hydrocephalus to evaluate the influence of the early prophylactic implantation of the Integra antisiphon device (ASD, Integra Neurosciences Ltd.) on the rate of proximal shunt obstructions and the frequency of symptomatic slit ventricle syndrome (SVS). The adaptability of(More)
The aim of this radiographic study was to evaluate the degree and location of root canal curvatures of human maxillary incisors. A total of 286 extracted human maxillary incisors (145 central and 141 lateral incisors) were included in this investigation. Exclusion criteria were teeth with extensive carious lesions, restorations, and root canal treatment.(More)
The correlation between histochemical properties of muscle fibers and the pattern of innervation by the two motor neurons was studied in the asymmetric claw closer muscles of the lobster. The closer muscle of the cutter claw is composed of 65 percent fast muscle fibers and 35 percent slow muscle fibers, whereas that in the crusher claw has all slow muscle(More)
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