Bernd Reuschenbach

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BACKGROUND Previous research has shown a correlation between physician job satisfaction and patient satisfaction with quality of care, but the connection between job satisfaction of other primary care team members and patient satisfaction is yet unclear. OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether there is an association between patient satisfaction and job satisfaction(More)
This paper describes an experience in requirements engineering for an open source E-Learning tool selection. The process meets the challenges of software selection such as the intertwining of requirements acquisition and product evaluation, the level of detail or the information collection. In addition, it is user-driven and just-in-time. Despite their time(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study to explore the views, concerns and experiences of doctors' assistants of case management for patients with chronic heart failure, while experiencing the new role of being a case manager within the Heidelberg Integrated Case Management trial. BACKGROUND Case management is being investigated as part of a randomised(More)
Contemporary models of competence in nursing are usually based on the questioning of nursing staff and therefore reflect their professional self-image. Our research focuses on the views of male and female patients on the relevant competencies of professional nursing staff. The "Critical Incident Techniqu" (CIT) (Flanagan, 1954) was applied to reveal(More)
Competency measurement is central to the optimisation of outcome oriented educational processes in nursing, similar to the concept of evidence based practice. The classification of measurement tools provides the basis for describing the current state of research and development in relation to competence measurement in nursing science, and any gaps are(More)