Bernd Reusch

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In this paper we present algorithms to decide: 1) single-valuedness of nondeterministic finite transducers, 2) equivalence of single-valued transducers, and 3) whether a given nondeterministic finite transduction can be realized by a deterministic transducer. When such a deterministic realization is possible our proof gives an effective construction of the(More)
A multi-resolution representation through wavelet transform has proved to be beneficial for many signal processing applications. For example, Morlet wavelet has shown good performance in tasks like audio coding and image enhancement. Unfortunately, wavelet transforms are unstable when the input signal is shifted in position. Prior works formalize this(More)
In the literature the problem of finding minimal realizations for incompletely specified machines has been treated in a number of different ways. Solutions to this problem depend on the precise definition of what minimal realization means in this case. If the behaviour of a state is definied as its related partial input-output function then the behaviour of(More)
The concentrations of protein and creatinine were measured in urine samples from 74 healthy domestic pet rabbits, 54 of them seronegative to Encephalitozoon cuniculi and 20 seropositive. The calculated reference range for the urinary protein:creatinine ratio (UPC) of E cuniculi-seronegative rabbits was 0.11 to 0.40. There was no significant variation in the(More)