Bernd Paysan

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In a virtual machine interpreter, the code for each virtual machine instruction has similarities to code for other instructions. We present an interpreter generator that takes simple virtual machine instruction descriptions as input and generates C code for processing the instructions in several ways: execution, virtual machine code generation, disassembly,(More)
Machine Interpreters M. Anton Ertl1; ;y, David Gregg2, Andreas Krall1, and Bernd Paysan3 1Institut f ur Computersprachen, Technische Universit at Wien, Argentinierstra e 8, A-1040 Wien, Austria 2Department of Computer Science, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland 3Stockmannstr. 14, D-81477 M unchen, Germany SUMMARY In a virtual machine interpreter, the(More)
This paper presents the integration of MINO — a toolkit for rapid application development of graphical user interfaces (GUI RAD) in Forth— into the system. Two main areas of interrest are data base query via SQL and integration of OpenGL. Other improvements of MINO are also covered. This text blatantly contains parts that were already presented last time(More)
When dealing with different scripts at the same time (e.g., Latin, Greek, Cyrillic), or with Chinese ideograms, 8-bit fixed-width characters are too narrow. However, many Forth programs have an environmental dependency on 1 chars = 1, so just making Forth characters wider would cause quite a lot of portability problems. We propose to add xchars for dealing(More)
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