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This report describes an unusual complication of a comparatively common problem of rat bites, causing a near fatal case of hypovolaemic shock. An 8 month old girl was bitten on her head and hands by Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) while sleeping after falling from her parent's bed. She could not be attended to because of her parents' alcoholic condition.(More)
Proportion, caliber, and microtubular content of the L7 ventral root nonmedullated fibers were studied in the cat. Nonmedullated fibers constituted 28% of the axonal population at the far end of the root. The number of myelinated profiles at the far end of the root and in the vicinity of the ventral surface of the cord (1-2 mm distance) was the same whereas(More)
UNLABELLED Activated charcoal is useful in the management of poisonings, but it is not harmless. We report the case of a patient who developed obstructive laryngitis secondary to aspiration of activated charcoal with a protected airway. CASE A 2-year-old girl presented acute mental alteration secondary to presumed poisoning. Mechanical ventilation was(More)
Fatal myocardial failure secondary to pulmonary hypertension is reported in 5 young infants who presented with Bordetella pertussis infection. All cases showed severe leukocytosis. Three of the 5 patients died early despite intensive management. The autopsy revealed signs of pulmonary hypertension. In addition to acquiring further knowledge of its(More)
Of all the potential barriers to a successful Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption, the importance of training is often underestimated, potentially jeopardizing the implementation. Following best practices recommendations, we designed and implemented a comprehensive EHR training framework. The aim of this poster is to describe our experience with such a(More)
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