Bernd Noack

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Sickle cell disease is among hereditary diseases with evidence that early diagnoses and treatment improves the clinical outcome. So far sickle cell disease has not been included in the German newborn screening program despite immigration from countries with populations at risk. To determine the birth prevalence we tested 17,018 newborns. High pressure(More)
Since 2014, a considerable increase in Plasmodium vivax malaria has been observed in Germany. The majority of cases was seen in Eritrean refugees. All patients with P. vivax malaria admitted to the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf Germany from 2011 until August 2015 were retrospectively identified by the hospital coding system and data was(More)
Selected synthetic oligoamines were able to inhibit (IC50) the growth of leukemic L 1210 cells in concentrations between 4-10 mumol/L. The essential structural features were at least two basic nitrogen functions in suitable distance, substituted with arylalkyl or alkyl groups. The favorable chain length is about eight carbon atoms. The cytostatic effect is(More)
We consider a two-dimensional incompressible ow over a rounded backward-facing step at Reynolds number Re = 600. This con guration is characterized by a detachment of the ow close to the step followed by a recirculation zone; even though the ow is globally stable, perturbations are ampli ed as they are convected along the shear-layer. The presence of(More)
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