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New Kupplerkomponente for oxidant
The invention relates to 1,2,3,4 tetrahydroquinoline derivatives of formula (I), where R = H, a C1-C4 alkyl group, a C1-C4 perfluoroalkyl group, a C2-C4 monohydroxyalkyl group, a C2-C5Expand
New developer components
The invention relates to means for dying keratin fibers, particularly human hair, which contain, in a cosmetically acceptable carrier, at least one p-phenylenediamine derivative of formula (I),Expand
Derives d'aminophenol et leur utilisation dans des colorants d'oxydation pour les cheveux
L'invention concerne des derives d'aminophenol de la formule generale (I) dans laquelle l'un des deux radicaux R1 et R2 est hydrogene et l'autre est hydrogene, chlore ou fluor; l'un des deux radicauxExpand
Cosmetic compositions containing a special combination of active ingredients
The invention relates to cosmetic preparations which contain a combination of active agents consisting of the following: A) a dicarboxylic acid selected from the group made up of compounds of generalExpand
New developer components for oxidation hair colors
The invention relates to p-phenylenediamine derivatives of formula (I), wherein A, B, C and D independently represent -NH2, -NHR or NR R - group; R and R independently represent hydrogen, halogen, aExpand
1,4-diazacycloheptane derivatives and their use in hair dyes by oxidation.
DERIVATIVES 1,4 - diazacycloheptane, of general formula (I) wherein R 1 A, R 2 A, R 3 AYR 4 A independently represent hydrogen, an alkyl or hydroxyalkyl C 1-4 dihydroxyalkyl or a group C 24, x and yExpand