Bernd Martin

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FHL2 is a LIM-domain protein expressed in myoblasts but down-regulated in malignant rhabdomyosarcoma cells, suggesting an important role of FHL2 in muscle development. To investigate the importance of FHL2 during myoblast differentiation, we performed a yeast two-hybrid screen using a cDNA library derived from myoblasts induced for differentiation. We(More)
We have described the scaffolding protein FHL2 as a component of focal adhesion structures, to which it is recruited via binding to both alpha- or beta-integrin subunits. Using mesenchymal stem cells from wild-type and FHL2-knockout mice, we show here that inactivation of FHL2 leads to impaired assembly of extracellular matrix proteins on the cell surface(More)
We discuss three symbolic approaches for the generation of a finite difference scheme of a general single partial differential equation (PDE). We concentrate on the case of a linear PDE with constant coefficients and prove, that these three approaches are equivalent. We systematically use another symbolic technique, namely the cylindrical algebraic(More)
We study modular subspaces corresponding to two deformation functors associated to an isolated singularity X 0 : the functor Def X0 of deformations of X 0 and the functor Def s X0 of deformations with section of X 0. After recalling some standard facts on the cotangent cohomology of analytic algebras and the general theory of deformations with section, we(More)
We find and describe unexpected isomorphisms between two different objects associated to hypersurface singularities. One object is the Milnor algebra of a function, while the other object associated to a sin-gularity is the local ring of the flatness stratum of the singular locus in a miniversal deformation, an invariant of the contact class of a defining(More)
We are investigating different concepts of modular deformations of germs of isolated singularities (infinitesimal, formal). An obstruction calculus based on the graded Lie algebra structure of the tangent cohomology for the enlargement of a modular deformation is introduced. The maximal formal modular stratum of a versal deformation of a space curve(More)
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