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Humans draw maps when communicating about places or verbally describe routes between locations. Honeybees communicate places by encoding distance and direction in their waggle dances. Controversy exists not only about the structure of spatial memory but also about the efficiency of dance communication. Some of these uncertainties were resolved by studies in(More)
An Australian research group has investigated a number of terahertz application areas including liquid Tray spectroscopy, bioaffinity sensing, image rendering, tomography, microwire Tray transmission, and detection through plastic layers. ABSTRACT | Tray wavelengths are long enough to pass through dry, nonpolar objects opaque at visible wavelengths, but(More)
The thickness of a sample material for a transmission-mode terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) measurement is the subject of interest in this paper. A sample that is too thick or too thin can raise the problem of measurement uncertainty. Although greater thickness allows the terahertz radiation--or T-rays--to interact more with bulk material, the(More)
Planar electric split ring resonator (eSRR) metamaterials and their corresponding inverse structures are designed and characterized computationally and experimentally utilizing finite element modeling and THz time domain spectroscopy. A complementary response is observed in transmission. Specifically, for the eSRRs a decrease in transmission is observed at(More)
Using conventional materials, the resolution of focusing and imaging devices is limited by diffraction to about half the wavelength of light, as high spatial frequencies do not propagate in isotropic materials. Wire array metamaterials, because of their extreme anisotropy, can beat this limit; however, focusing with these has only been demonstrated up to(More)
Measurements of optical constants at terahertz—or T-ray—frequencies have been performed extensively using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS). Spectrometers, together with physical models explaining the interaction between a sample and Tray radiation, are progressively being developed. Nevertheless, measurement errors in the optical constants, so(More)
The paper examines several types of anomalously dispersive media that support the argument for superluminal propagation which is the propagation of electromagnetic waves at group velocities exceeding the speed of light. ABSTRACT | This paper reviews earlier studies on superluminal wave propagation in anomalously dispersive media that have been carried out(More)
We propose a novel class of optical fiber with a porous transverse cross-section that is created by arranging sub-wavelength air-holes within the core of the fiber. These fibers can offer a combination of low transmission loss and high mode confinement in the THz regime by exploiting the enhancement of the guided mode field that occurs within these(More)
Mid to far-infrared (terahertz) spectroscopy is a valuable tool for probing and characterizing macromolecular structures and motions of complex molecules, including low frequency vibrational and phonon modes in condensed phases. We describe here an improved and readily implemented method for performing terahertz spectroscopic measurements by using a(More)