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Connecting microcontrollers, sensors and actuators by several communication systems is state of the art within the electronic architectures of modern vehicles. Today's communication is widely based on the event triggered communication on the Controller Area Network (CAN) communication protocol. The arbitrating mechanism of this protocol ensures, that all(More)
HEp-2 cells are used for the identification of antinuclear autoantibodies (ANAs). They allow for recognition of over 30 different nuclear and cytoplasmic patterns, which are given by upwards of 100 different autoantibodies. The identification of the patterns has recently been done manually by a human inspecting the slides with a microscope. In this paper,(More)
Inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) has been used for treatment of acute respiratory failure and pulmonary hypertension since 1991 in adult patients in the perioperative setting and in critical care. This contribution assesses evidence for the use of iNO in this population as presented to a expert group jointly organised by the European Society of Intensive Care(More)
Contributors Jean-Marc Aiache, Nobuo Aoyagi, Dennis Bashaw, Cynthia Brown, William Brown, Diane Burgess, John Crison, Patrick DeLuca, Ruzica Djerki, Jennifer Dressman, Thomas Foster, Kirsti Gjellan, Vivian Gray, Ajaz Hussain, Tom Ingallinera, James Klancke, Johannes Kraemer, Henning Kristensen, Kofi Kumi, Christian Leuner, Jobst Limberg, Petra Loos, Lenny(More)
The objective of this study was to compare three methods with which to determine the skeletal maturity of children. The methods were Greulich & Pyle’s atlas method based on hand-wrist radiographs (1959), and the cervical vertebrae methods based on lateral cephalograms of Lamparski (1972) and San Roman et al. (2002). We evaluated hand-wrist radiographs and(More)
RATIONALE Emphysema is characterized by destruction of alveoli with ensuing airspace enlargement and loss of alveoli. Induction of alveolar regeneration is still a major challenge in emphysema therapy. OBJECTIVES To investigate whether therapeutic application of palifermin (DeltaN23-KGF) is able to induce a regenerative response in distal lung parenchyma(More)
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major health problem. Genetic factors that contribute to the disease have been postulated. The pulmonary surfactant protein B (SP-B), which is essential for normal lung function, is considered as a candidate gene for COPD in this case-control study. We studied the SP-B intron 4 size variants in 346(More)
BACKGROUND For selection and evaluation of potential biomarkers, inclusion of already published information is of utmost importance. In spite of significant advancements in text- and data-mining techniques, the vast knowledge space of biomarkers in biomedical text has remained unexplored. Existing named entity recognition approaches are not sufficiently(More)
BACKGROUND Biomedical ontologies offer the capability to structure and represent domain-specific knowledge semantically. Disease-specific ontologies can facilitate knowledge exchange across multiple disciplines, and ontology-driven mining approaches can generate great value for modeling disease mechanisms. However, in the case of neurodegenerative diseases(More)
The communication in the classic CAN network is event triggered; peak loads may occur when the transmission of several messages is requested at the same time. CAN's non-destructive arbitration mechanism guarantees the sequential transmission of all messages according to their identifier priority. For hard real-time systems, a scheduling analysis of the(More)