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INTRODUCTION During the last 20 years a great number of studies have emphasized the potential role of psychological factors as relevant predictors for the first onset of back pain as well as for the development of chronic pain. The formulation of a biopsychosocial perspective of the etiology and chronicity of back pain was a natural consequence. Actual(More)
BACKGROUND The concurrent occurrence of chronic pain syndromes and depressive symptoms is a commonly observed phenomenon.The aim of the present study was to illuminate the mediating role of specific cognitive pain coping strategies as a connective link between pain and depression. METHODS A total of 122 chronic and chronic recurrent simple back pain(More)
Multimodal pain management is a comprehensive treatment of complex chronic pain syndromes. In addition to medical therapy various other specialized therapeutic interventions based on the biopsychosocial model of pain origin and chronic pain development, are added. During the last few years treatment centers for chronic pain have been established throughout(More)
Cross-sectoral clinical pathways for chronic pain patients in standard and routine care are a major challenge for the German healthcare system. The Algesiologikum group has developed such clinical pathways including an essential infrastructure. Cooperation partners of the Algesiologikum group are two outpatient medical care units, one neurosurgery practice(More)
This paper presents the Shopping Assistant, the prototype of a platform which provides personalized advertisements, ontology based product recommendations and user support to find a (non–web) store selling desired products. The benefits are satisfied consumers, better advertising revenues and fine grained TV usage statistics which enable broadcasters to(More)