Bernd Karl Vollenbröker

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The narrow therapeutic window of the immunosuppressive drug cyclosporine (CsA), the interindividual variability of its metabolism, and the immunosuppressive activity/toxicity of some metabolites require investigation to correlate the parent substance and its metabolites and observed clinical parameters. Improved knowledge about these correlations may(More)
We obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of strictly stationary solutions of multivariate ARMA equations with independent and identically distributed driving noise. For general ARMA(p, q) equations these conditions are expressed in terms of the coefficient polynomials of the defining equations and moments of the driving noise(More)
The main focus of this thesis is to give a characterization of the existence of strictly stationary solutions of multivariate ARMA and univariate ARIMA equations. In Chapter 2 we consider the multivariate ARMA(p,q) equation Yt −Ψ1Yt−1 − . . .−ΨpYt−p = Θ0Zt + . . .+ ΘqZt−q, t ∈ Z, where m, d ∈ N = {1, 2 . . . , }, p, q ∈ N0 = N ∪ {0}, (Zt)t∈Z is a d-variate(More)
OBJECTIVE A new automated receptor assay has been used to determine the complex formation activity of cyclosporin A (CsA) and its metabolites in whole blood. METHODS CsA in vivo forms a complex with cyclophilin A and calcineurin leading to an inhibition of the calmodulin-dependent phosphatase activity of calcineurin. The equilibrium complex formation(More)
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