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We discuss the computation of the instantaneous 3D displacement vector fields of deformable surfaces from sequences of range data. We give a novel version of the basic motion constraint equation that can be evaluated directly on the sensor grid. The various forms of the aperture problem encountered are investigated and the derived constraint solutions are(More)
This paper offers a formal investigation of the measurement principle of time-of-flight (TOF) 3D cameras using correlation of amplitude-modulated continuous-wave signals. These sensors can provide both depth maps and IR intensity pictures simultaneously and in real-time. We examine the theory of the data acquisition in detail. The variance of the range(More)
Image sequence processing techniques are used to study exchange, growth, and transport processes and to tackle key questions in environmental physics and biology. These applications require high accuracy for the estimation of the motion field since the most interesting parameters of the dynamical processes studied are contained in first-order derivatives of(More)