Bernd Hedenetz

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This paper presents a framework for model-based product lines of embedded systems. We show how to integrate model-based product line techniques into a consistent framework that can deal with large product lines as they are common in industry. The framework demonstrates the strengths of model-based techniques like abstraction, support for customised(More)
By-wire systems have been established for several years in the area of aircraft construction and there are now approaches to utilize this technology in vehicles. The required electronic systems must evidently be available and safe. In the same time the requirements of mass production have to be reached (long life time, long maintainability intervals, low(More)
Embedded software development has become one of the greatest challenges in the automotive domain, due to the rising complexity of vehicle systems. A method to handle the complexity of automotive software is Model Based Design (MBD). As MBD offers great advantages in early simulation and testing, it has become today's mainstream method for automotive(More)
In automotive electrical/electronics systems, reuse of software applications over vehicle lines is becoming essential due to the growing complexity of the applications. In addition, a growing number of variants have to be handled because of the increasing number of differences arising in vehicle lines. Software product lines are a common approach to address(More)
When applying model-based techniques to the engineering of embedded application software, a typical challenge is the complexity of dependencies between application elements. In many situations, e.g., during rollout of products or in the evolution of product lines, the understanding of these dependencies is a key capability. In this paper, we discuss how(More)
In automotive software development, dependencies among process artefacts, i. e. requirements, implementation and test cases, are often not obvious. This causes time-intensive manual analysis efforts to incorporate changes during software evolution. Therefore, automated tool support is essential to establish an efficient change management during the software(More)
In der Entwicklung von Elektrik/Elektronik-Architekturen in Fahrzeugen gibt es derzeit den starken Trend hin zu dem Einsatz von Modulkomponenten, die innerhalb eines Automobilherstellers modellübergreifend, teilweise sogar herstellerübergreifend eingesetzt werden. Ziel dieses Ansatzes ist die Reduzierung von Komponentenvarianten durch Wiederverwendung bei(More)
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