Bernd Hausmann

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The examination technique of intervertebral space endoscopy (nucleoscopy) during nucleotomy is described. After nucleotomy intraoperative pictures of the intervertebral space can be taken using a common arthroscope. The nucleoscopy permits a qualitative statement about the extent of nucleotomy. Es wird uber die Möglichkeit der endoskopischen Darstellung des(More)
Following the insertion of an intramedullary nail, the fat embolism is a frequent complication in patients with long bone fractures. The respiratory function of patients with fractures of the femur and accompanying severe chest injuries was improved. In general these patients have a high risk to develop a respiratory distress syndrome. The average age of(More)
Basing on preliminary endoscopic examinations to present the intervertebral disc interspace using a common arthroscope in operations performed for lumbar disc prolapses, a special endoscopic instrumentarium (nucleoscope Hausmann-Forst) was developed allowing detailed and riskless views into the intervertebral disc interspace. Nach Vorversuchen zur(More)
A complete curettage of the intervertebral space using the common surgical instruments (forceps, sharp spoons) is not possible during nucleotomy because of the anatomic site and the shape of the instruments. An alternative technique—called “shaving”—is described, which enables a faster, more effective, and less traumatizing removal of free-floating, pulpy(More)
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