Bernd Frohlich

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Ionic composition and total ionic concentration of the growth medium were important factors in limiting productivities in aerated reactors used for the production of pertussis toxin and other antigens by Bordetella pertussis. Salt concentration has opposing effects on cell growth of wild-type B. pertussis and specific toxin formation. Sodium ion(More)
At high viable cell concentrations in large-scale mammalian cell culture processes, the accumulation of dissolved carbon dioxide (dCO(2), typically quantified as an equilibrium gas-phase concentration) becomes problematic as a result of low CO(2) removal rates at reduced surface-to-volume ratios. High dCO(2) concentrations have previously been shown to(More)
Palmitic, palmitoleic and stearic acids were found in the extracted cellular lipids of virulent Bordetella pertussis as unesterified acids in confirmation of earlier taxonomic analyses. The same free fatty acids (FFAs) were found in the spent culture supernatant in concentrations higher than in the uninoculated medium, indicating that they are released into(More)
A virtual environment { the Responsive Workbench (RW) { was designed to support end users working on desks, workbenches, and tables as scientists, engineers, physicians, architects and designers with an adequate human-machine interface. We attempt to construct a task-driven interface for this class of users by working in an interdisciplinary team from the(More)
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