Bernd Flemisch

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We propose a computational simulation framework for describing cancer-therapeutic transport in the lung. A discrete vascular graph model (VGM) is coupled to a double-continuum model (DCM) to determine the amount of administered therapeutic agent that will reach the cancer cells. An alveolar cell carcinoma is considered. The processes in the bigger blood(More)
For the numerical solution of coupled problems on two nested domains, two meshes are used which are completely independent to each other. Especially in the case of a moving subdomain, this leads to a great flexibility for employing different meshsizes, discretizations or model equations on the two domains. We present a general setting for these problems in(More)
We present FoamGrid, a new implementation of the Dune grid interface. FoamGrid implements oneand two-dimensional grids in a physical space of arbitrary dimension, which allows for grids for curved domains. Even more, the grids are not expected to have a manifold structure, i.e., more than two elements can share a common facet. This makes FoamGrid the grid(More)
This paper presents several test cases intended to be benchmarks for numerical schemes for single-phase fluid flow in fractured porous media. A number of solution strategies are compared, including a vertex and a cell-centered finite volume method, a non-conforming embedded discrete fracture model, a primal and a dual extended finite element formulation,(More)
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